Carotenoid Complex Boosts Your Immune Power

Boosts Your Immune PowerVirtually all modern recommendations for healthy eating include increasing our intake of fruits and vegetables. In addition to helping control weight and providing healthful fiber, fruits and vegetables are valuable sources of a wide variety of phytonutrients. In plants, phytonutrients are largely used to fight off predators such as insects. When humans eat plants, the phytonutrients turn on enzymes that may allow us to detoxify many nasty chemicals, even carcinogens, and turn up the immune system, which allows us to fight infectious pathogens.

While it has long been known that elderly people are more susceptible to infectious diseases, only recently has the nutrition connection become clear. According to the World Health Organization, the impact of nutritional status on immune function in the elderly is striking. Many researchers are now exploring this link in all people.

Increasingly, research has pointed to the carotenoids that are found in red, orange, yellow, and deep green fruits and vegetables. GNLD's revolutionary Carotenoid Complex delivers a broad and balanced spectrum of these important carotenoids. Carotenoid Complex is the only whole-food carotenoid supplement with clinical proof from USDA researchers that it can boost your immune system!