Be On The Alert

For the 3rd Largest Killer Today: Infectious Disease


Millions of microbes are currently knocking on civilization's door.

Is your immune system strong enough to meet the challenge?

There are a lot of enemies to your health lurking in the global environment today. In fact, for every infectious disease you may have heard of, there are at least a dozen more... and they are striking harder, closer to home, and in greater numbers than ever before.

Epidemics are again a regular part of the news. Germs that used to attack cats, rats and monkeys have sickened people from Arizona to Australia. Bacteria and viruses are suspected of playing roles in ulcers, certain cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, and multiple sclerosis. In recent years, tuberculosis, whooping cough, diptheria and even bubonic plague have surfaced in developed nations, many of them in vicious, drug-resistant forms. Worse yet, we've eliminated the barriers of time and distance: A drug-resistant superbug is just a plane ride away from every city on earth!

As evidenced by history, this ongoing battle between man and microbes determines "the survival of the fittest." In the 14th Century, it was the Bubonic Plaque that wiped out most of society. In the Industrial Revolution, tuberculosis dominated the young and ill-fed. In the early 20th Century, influenza and typhus killed 40 million or more, dwarfing the death tolls of the first "great war."

Fortunately, the human immune system is a marvel of ingenuity... it's your first line of defense. It helps determine the survival of the fittest.