Everyone's Talking About Carotenoids!

What the experts are saying about new carotenoids complex

"The strength of our immune system determines our ability to resist infectious micro-organisms and cancer. A compromised immune system affects the speed and effectiveness to mount an immune response, leading to increased susceptibility to infectious disease, both bacterial and viral. It also undermines the immune system's ability to detect and eradicate cancerous cells. In a compromised immune system, poor integration of all of its components may lead to immunological disorders such as allergies and chronic autoimmune diseases. However, we know that carotenoids can boost immunity. The problem is people just aren't getting enough from their diet. The biggest advantage of new Carotenoid Complex is that it delivers a broad range of carotenoids as found in fruits and vegetables with proven bioavailability. Additionally, Carotenoid Complex is far superior to other carotenoid products, and has four distinct advantages. First, it delivers a broad range of carotenoids. Secondly, Carotenoid Complex is highly bioavailable. Thirdly, Carotenoid Complex delivers carotenoids from fruits and vegetables that are part of the human diet. Last, and most importantly, Carotenoid Complex is the only supplement that has been shown to enhance indicators of immune function!"

Arianna Carughi, Ph.D., C.N.S.
Nutritional Sciences, Stanford Fellow; Scientific Advisory Board